Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Pretty please, Spring?

I'm ready!  Just knock on the door.

Another 6-8 inches of snow over night.  My commute into work this morning was interesting.  Let's just make up the lanes on the interstate cause we have no idea where they are suppose to be!  I also fishtailed my way off an exit ramp onto another interstate.  Oh well, the van and I made it in one piece with only a few spikes of adrenaline.

So I spent my lunch break and most of this evening after work looking at a seed catalog, reading gardening blog posts, and drooling over pictures of green plants.  One of these days...


  1. Lol, drooling over pictures of green plants? You're a dork. Speaking of plants, I think the potting soil you bought for our plants had fungus/fungus gnats in it. I have a gazillion of them. Apparently it's really common so I'm not sure how I've avoided it in the past. :o( I found a spray online that I'm going to buy that's supposed to help. It's that or re-pot them, i.e. get rid of them and hope Dad forgives me, lol.

  2. That's weird, I don't have any here and it's the same soil? Did you by chance have fruit near them?