Sunday, October 27, 2013


*big sigh of relief*

The important bits: full time, days, no holidays, no weekends, at a local health department clinic, navy blue scrubs in any style/brand of my choosing (cause that's important, hehe)

*happy dance*

And benefits and a paycheck with a whopping $.30 more an hour than the local hospital starting RN pay.  (I plan to spend that extra $12 a week on something frivolous like food.  Or toilet paper.)

I interviewed for the job at the very beginning of October and I guess I forgot to mention it here at the time.  Lord only knows when I actually applied for the job because I've lost track of all the jobs I've applied to in my weekly 3-6 hours of 'oh my god, what the hell, must have experience, argh, nursing shortage, my ass!' online application sessions.  I was then offered the position a week later but since I had to put my two weeks in at the Sewing Gig and just, I don't know, didn't want to jinx it, I again didn't mention it here.  But I start tomorrow and on Friday, I did the pre-employment screening run around of a drug pee test, a TB skin test, and filled out tax paperwork so I feel it's pretty safe to mention it now.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Loose Ends

sub titled: I don't wanna....

I'm having one of those 'why can't I knit, drink coffee, and watch Netflix all day' days?

Instead I need to go to the store because we're out of laundry detergent and more importantly, clean towels.  I need to go to the post office to mail some stuff but one of the things that I need to mail requires more printed papers which means I need to make a phone call to resent a password and stop by bank to pick up a replacement key fob thing (my business banking has this stupid key fob with a number code used to login online and mine's been missing since the move.  Yes, February.)  I need to send out a long ass Girl Scout email about fall product sale, upcoming PJ Party, visit to local nature center, and reminders to all the girls to be prepared to present their part in badges.  Plus I'm scheduled at the sewing gig today.

Store, laundry, post office, phone call, bank, email, sewing gig.

Pretty typical stuff.  I just don't wanna do any of it today.

Monday, October 07, 2013

The New Crazy Normal

Or is it the New Normal Crazy?

Whenever I get a free moment, I like to ponder how my Normal is never really what I expected to be my Normal.  We all grow up with an assumption of how our lives will go.  The majority of society has a Normal something like this: grow up with two working married parents, go to college, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, send the kids off to live their own lives, retire.  There's some slight variations in there, maybe a stay at home parent, move a few times, change jobs but for the most part, that's Normal.*

Since leaving my parent's home at 17, I reached a bit of Normal (married, kids, home) for some years in my twenties but the rest of it has been upside down and backwards.  And seems to be staying that way.

Nowadays I tend to think of my life as Crazy, not Normal and act accordingly.  On top of being divorced, a new college graduate, oddly employed in random part time jobs, and renting a townhouse, I also have a bi-polar home life of being a single parent of 5 kids one week to being (mostly) foot loose and fancy free the next.

It's a bit crazy at times.

I'm attempting to find one full time RN job but I've sort of accepted that I may be working a string of random part time jobs for awhile.  I don't have a goal to marry ever again but I figure I will jump back into the dating pool eventually.  I probably won't buy another home, renting is nice for a lot of reasons.  There's likely more college in my future in the form of a masters or doctorate degree if I take the nurse practitioner route.  And definitely no more children!

It sometimes seems to me that I veered off the Normal well trodden path of life.  It's like everyone else is on the wide straight interstate of Normal and somehow I'm hiking along a curvy cow path up on the hillside.  I can see everyone else traveling along at the speed limit, passing life's milestones, moving on in an orderly fashion.  Meanwhile I'm going up and down hills, around curves, stepping over fallen trees, and splashing across streams.

It's a bit crazy at times.

I'm definitely not saying the interstate or the cow path is the better way to get through life.  It's just different, like apples and oranges.  But I really did expect to stay on the interstate throughout my life so I often wake up surprised to be on this wacky cow path.  Am I going to make it back to the interstate ever?  Do I even want to?  I don't know.

Crazy is now my Normal and it's okay.  That's enough to have figured out for now.

* One could argue that divorce is often a Normal nowadays but it's such a huge disruption in everything.  And it's not like it's on anyone's goal list like 'buying a house' so I think it falls under Crazy.