Thursday, September 19, 2013

Interview #6 (and counting)

Alternate title: "Argh, give me a full time job with benefits please!"

(Follow-up from June's Nursing update)

Interview #1: Patient Care Coordinator (May) "filled position already, check back in 6 months"

Interview #2: 'Peace, Love, and Medicine' office RN (July) heard nothing, I think they went with somebody with experience

Interview #3: Long Term Care RN  (July) heard nothing, but I don't think I sucked up enough during the 2 hour job shadow because I was kinda counting the minutes until I could escape

Interview #4: Substitute School Nurse, my kids' school system (August)  GOT IT.  Except I've only worked 1 day...

Interview #5: Full Time School Nurse, different school system (September) heard nothing (it's been 10 days now so it's probably a 'no')

Interview #6: Nights, Full Time, Med/Surg RN at hospital 40 miles away with mandatory overtime (means 4 twelves one week, 3 twelves the next week), weekends & holidays (Yesterday)  at the end of the interview "filled position already, check back in a month"

And counting...

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